Title Toolbox: New Real Estate Farming & Demographic Tool

TitleToolbox - Farming Tool for Real Estate

Title Toolbox is a new technology tool offered by Lawyers Title of Arizona for real estate agents and lenders! This tool allows you to search all parcels by a wide array of criteria: age of home, equity percentage, years owned, lot size, home size, and more! You can even find leads in this system by searching for divorces, probate, For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and other life events. The short video below provides a brief overview on how to use it. For more information, or to get set up on […]

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Creating secure passwords that you can remember

It seems like every month we hear about a new website that’s been hacked. And the number of usernames and passwords that are being hacked, de-coded, and listed for sale on the internet is growing at an alarming rate. Tons of websites have been hacked, allowing your personal information to be sold. Website we use every day, like LinkedIn and Twitter, have been targets of these attacks. But what’s important to remember is, being hacked once makes you more vulnerable to being hacked again and again, especially if you use the same password […]

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