Avoid Wire Fraud with 2-Step Authentication

Wire fraud is on the rise! The bad guys are now referencing addresses and purchase amounts in their emails. This means your buyers may receive an email that looks like it’s from title, references the address of the property they are buying, and includes the purchase price. They then provide a new account number for the wire. By the time you can track it down, the money is long gone!
How are these bad guys finding out all of the information? Sometimes, it’s by hacking into agents’ emails. PLEASE turn on 2-step authentication on your email to help protect yourself and your clients!
Two-step authentication will secure your email by requiring an extra code to log in to your email. When you enter your correct email address and password to log in, you will receive a text message on your phone with a multi-digit code. In order to gain access to your email, simply enter the code that is texted to you. This will thwart would-be hackers by adding an extra layer of security.

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