Facebook for Real Estate: What you actually need to be doing

Facebook for Real Estate: What you actually need to be doing

There are a lot of real estate trainers out there who will tell you that you have to use Facebook for real estate. I’m not one of them. There are hundreds – if not thousands – of ways to make money and build a business in real estate. You aren’t required to do anything in particular!

That being said, real estate is a relationship business, and Facebook makes it a helluva lot easier to build and maintain relationships in our current culture.

There are plenty of social media channels out there, and plenty of agents who have found success one each and every one of those channels: Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp. But for the majority of agents that I work with, Facebook is the most important. Why? Because it’s where the majority of their friends, family, and sphere are on a regular basis.

Having a presence on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to Facebook Live 3x a week, post 4-6 stories a day, and be active in at least 12 groups. In fact, most agents see success just implementing a few of these strategies.

Real Estate Facebook Tip #1: Understanding how your posts get seen

When you scroll through your news feed, you’ve likely noticed that you see posts from the same people every day. That’s because Facebook filters your news feed to show you content they think you want to see. Facebook figures out what content you want in a variety of different ways, such as:

  • Who you have designated as a “Close Friend” or starred
  • The people who you interact with the most (whose posts you like and comment on)
  • The people who interact with you the most (who likes and comments on your posts the most)
  • Who you are tagged in photos with
  • “Close Friends” of your “Close Friends”; or, the people that the people you interact with interact with (that made sense, right?)
  • Images and videos in a similar category to things you have liked and commented on before
  • Images and videos, even if you haven’t liked or commented, that are similar to ones you have looked at or watched
  • Facebook even tracks if you pause on a post long enough to read it, even if you don’t like or comment

With this in mind, it’s now easy to understand why your “new listing” posts on Facebook are not being seen by everyone you are friends with. Take a look at the likes and comments from your last few posts on Facebook, and that will give you a pretty good idea of who sees your posts on a regular basis.

You can start getting your posts in front of the right people (e.g., recent past clients, the ones who send you referrals, the ones who would send you referrals if they remembered that you’re in real estate) by being aware of how Facebook filters posts. Start commenting, sharing, and engaging with the people that are most important to your business.

Real Estate Facebook Tip #2: Use lists to make it manageable

Facebook Lists are a way for you to privately separate your Facebook friends into categories, or, well, lists. I suggest starting with one list:

“A+ Clients & Referral Partners”

Put the top 20-40 people who are most important to your business on this list. That could be an attorney who has a lot of opportunities to send you referrals, recent past clients who are likely to send you a referral, investors and repeat clients. Once you have those VIPs in your Facebook List, you can go back to that list once a day and see, in chronological order, everything those VIPs have been posting on Facebook. That allows you to cut out the other noise in your news feed, and instead focus on the people who matter most.

Here’s how to create a Facebook List:

  1. Login to Facebook.com from your computer

    (can’t be done on mobile)

  2. On the left-hand side, click on “Friend Lists”

    You may have to hit “See More” first to find it.

  3. Create a New List

    Once you click “Friends List”, you may see some lists Facebook has automatically created for you, such as Close Friends, Family, and your current city or hometown. To create your own list, click the “Create List” button on the top right.

  4. Name your list

    (it’s private – only you will see the name) and then start typing the names of people to add them!

  5. Click Create!

    This will take you into your new “news feed” of just the people from the list. From here, you can like, comment, share and engage with them. You can also click “Add Members” on the righthand side of this page to add or remove additional people from the list.

(Note: This is a list, not a group. Members of the list will not know that they are on a list, and it doesn’t allow the individuals on the list to interact with each other).

Now that you have your list set up, you’ll want to use it to complete Tip #3.

Real Estate Facebook Tip #3: Comment on 5-10 posts every day

With your list now set up, you’ll want to check it every day. The good news is, checking the list is easy and can be done in as little as 15 minutes! Just login to Facebook, go to the list you created, and comment on at least 5-10 posts. When making your comment, don’t be afraid to make it longer than just a few words. Pretend like the person whose post you are reading had just told you that story in person, face-to-face. Comment as if you are having a conversation with them.

Commenting on a regular basis serves two purposes:
1) It helps you stay top of mind when the person reads the (hopefully thoughtful/funny/insightful) comment that you made
2) It makes your posts more likely to show up in that person’s news feed, meaning it helps you stay top of mind in the future as well

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