Out-of-the-box free & cheap marketing

Out-of-the-box free & cheap marketing

Pick up the phone
By far, this was the marketing method mentioned most often. Most agree that calling people is one of the best ways to build relationships and get referrals. Nervous about making that first call? Try these eight tips from Entrepreneur magazine.

Think of Facebook as a free, and fun way to stay in front of your sphere. “Facebook has been an instrumental tool in building my real estate business,” says Jamie Sistek, REALTOR® and associate broker with eXp Realty. “From receiving real estate referrals to networking with like-minded agents… to showing value to the public on why they should consider using my services, this free tool allows me to engage and stay connected with hundreds of people each day.” If you need help getting started with Facebook, check our NAR’s Social Media for REALTORS® download.

Get a profile on syndication websites
Websites like Zillow and Trulia often have areas where consumers can ask questions to real estate agents. By signing up for a free profile on these sites, you can be the resource for consumers by providing valuable information. Check out Zillow’s Advice section in Scottsdale to get started. Use the tabs at the top to filter to topics such as home buying or home selling.

Open houses
How great would it be if potential clients came to you? Well, they do at open houses! Having a system in place to ask a few, short questions and collect information from everyone who walks through the door is a great way to maximize your time and return by allowing you to focus on qualified prospects. There are even iPad apps, such as Open Home Pro, that help streamline this process for you. This article explains in better detail how to capture clients at open houses.

Send thank you or gratitude cards
Yes, postage is getting expensive, but sending personalized cards is one of the most effective ways to keep yourself ‘top of mind’ with your most important clients. And we’re not talking about run-of-the-mill mailers or glossy postcards – to be effective, personal notes are the best. Buy some generic “Thank You” cards in bulk, or order something a little more personal from Etsy or Zazzle, and make sure your “A-list” clients receive a personal note from you once each year.