Tips and Tricks to Save Time as a Real Estate Agent

Tips and Tricks to Save Time as a Real Estate Agent

The holidays can be hectic for anyone, but that’s especially true for real estate agents. In Arizona, the winter months bring in second homeowners, guests, and visitors, who flock to the Valley to enjoy our beautiful winter weather of 70-degree days.

As an Arizona real estate agent, it can be hard to find time to take care of the business you already have, not to mention all of the time it takes to market for new business.

As our busy winter season approaches, here are some tips, tricks, and apps to help save real estate agents time.


Tip#1: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI for short, might sound like something from a science fiction movie, but the technology behind it has advanced tremendously. Currently, there are direct-to-consumer apps that use artificial intelligence to help average people become more productive, such as Google Assistant or the popular Alexa devices from Amazon.Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots for Real Estate

Real estate artificial intelligence is becoming more widely available as well. AI for real estate can help streamline your processes, communicate with clients, and follow up with leads.

One of the easiest ways to start using artificial intelligence in your real estate business is through the use of chatbots. Real estate chatbots can automatically follow up with leads and prospects with specific, response-generating questions that are designed to qualify your leads and convert them to appointments.

You can easily purchase and customize your chatbot from a company such as Bot Makers. There are additional chatbot companies that offer more advanced capabilities, such as MLS integration. One such chatbot that I’m loving right now is Automabots, which is part of Ben Kinney’s Brivity platform. It can chat via Facebook Messenger as well as text messages, and if you have the Brivity CRM, all of the bot conversations are automatically recorded and logged for you.


Tip #2: Listing Flyers

There are so many options out there now for free and low-cost graphic design. Whether you use a freelance website like, or a do-it-yourself program like, there’s no excuse to use those boring MLS printouts for marketing your listings.

If you’re looking to save time, here are a few apps and websites where you can quickly produce listing flyers and other marketing materials, without having to do much customization.

ListReports is a free service with templated open house flyers and postcards. It’s offered complimentary by many loan officers. You can check out ListReports here.List Reports

RPR (Realtors® Property Resource) is one of my favorite tools. In addition to giving you the ability to run comparables and generate comprehensive reports, RPR offers a Property Flyer that can be generated for any property on- or off-market with just a few clicks. Just type in the property address, then click “Get a Report”! This program is free for members of the National Association of REALTORS® and can be accessed at

Need help using RPR? I’m a Certified RPR Trainer in Arizona, and my classes are free. Send me a message and I can send you an invitation to my next class.

Better yet, imagine if every time you took a new listing marketing materials (such as a flyer, postcard, social media graphic, and more) were created for you automatically, without you even having to request it or log on to a website. If you are a Lawyers Title client in Arizona, you have access to a tool called “AMP” (Automated Marketing Program) that integrates with the MLS and will send you marketing materials via email whenever you have a new listing go live in the MLS. Send me a message and I’ll get you set up with that!


Tip #3: Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are real people who work remotely on specific tasks for your business. VAs usually have a set hourly or monthly fee, depending on the type of work you are requesting. They are a great option for real estate agents, as most Virtual Assistant companies allow you to use as many or as few hours as you need (great for the highs and lows that come with real estate), and there’s no need to worry about all of those things that come with hiring a traditional employee, like setting up payroll, collecting taxes, or providing benefits.

MyOutDesk, or MOD, is a Virtual Assistant company specifically designed for real estate agents. They can handle inside sales agent (ISA) tasks, such as calling leads and prospecting. They can also handle your social media marketing, video production, and graphic design.

Fin is a new Virtual Assistant company that also utilizes Artifical Intelligence. They are a newer company, and so far it looks like they mostly focus on tasks such as booking travel and scheduling meetings.

TaskBullet offers Virtual Assistants at rates from $6.50 to $11 per hour. Best of all, any hours you don’t use will roll over to the next month. Their VAs are trained to handle: sales-related tasks, social media marketing, web development, real estate-specific tasks like managing listings, and more.


Tip #4: Automated Facebook Ads

If you’re running Facebook Ads manually, check out Boost by HomeSpotter. For a low fee, Boost will create and post Facebook Ads for your listings and open houses.

Boost by HomeSpotter


What are your favorite time-saving tips for real estate? Let me know in the comments!

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